Necessary documents:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Foreign citizens - international passport, international or local driver license 
  • Driver's minimum age - 23 years old
  • Minimum driving experience - 2 year
  • Franchise - 200 AZN



Vehicle rent terms and conditions

These Vehicle rent terms and conditions are an integral part of the Vehicle (car) rent agreement. The Customer's signature attached to the Agreement verifies his/her agreement with these terms and conditions and certifies that the Customer has reviewed every provision under these terms and conditions regulating his/her relations with the Vehicle rent company hereinafter to be referred to as the Owner.

1. Principal conditions

  • 1.1. The Owner will provide the Customer with a vehicle for rent, and ensure that at the moment of delivery of the vehicle it is in good technical condition and fit for use directly as it is designed. No vehicle breakdown occurred during its rent term will not be considered as the failure (non-fulfillment) of the Owner's obligations under this Agreement. 
  • 1.2. At the moment of acceptance of the vehicle for rent the Customer will be responsible for implicit inspection of its condition. The parties have to indicate immediately any evident breakdown and to make a report.
  • 1.3. The Customer will ensure that according to the Agreement he/she or any other persons authorized for driving the vehicle will: 
    • have all permissions, licenses and driving certificates as required to drive the vehicle; 
    • have no fact of criminal persecution due to commitment of road traffic accident; 
    • have no physical or psychical diseases or disorders preventing driving the vehicle; 
    • the persons specified above have hot been suspended from driving the vehicle as a result of alcohol or narcotic drug abuse.  

2. The vehicle use  

  • 2.1. Prior to use of the vehicle the Customer will study the vehicle use regulations. 
  • 2.2. The Customer will ensure fair and accurate use of the vehicle. Particularly, he/she will at its own discretion and expense provide for regular standard servicing, namely the water, oil, brake fluid level inspection. During the non-use term the vehicle will be alarmed. 
  • 2.3. The fuel filling up charges will be borne by the Customer only. 
  • 2.4. The Customer will not use the vehicle in the following cases: 
    • to transport any prohibited and dangerous goods and cargos; 
    • to transport passengers to get financial benefit; 
    • to teach driving to other persons, even free for charge; 
    • to tow or move other vehicles; 
    • in the case of an accident or mechanical failure; 
    • for the purpose of sports activities; 
    • under influence of medical products, alcohol or drugs. 
  • 2.5. The Customer will be prohibited to transform the vehicle, to change its technical equipment, to make any records on it. 
  • 2.6. The Customer will at its own expenses pay the parking fee and all penalties and other fines charged in the course of operation of the vehicle. In the case of payment of such sums by the Owner, the Customer will immediately indemnify them to the Owner. 
  • 2.7. The Customer will ensure  safety of the vehicle throughout the rent term. The Customer will ensure that the vehicle would not be left without initial inspection, the doors would be keyed, the windows and convertible top would be closed, and the keys would not be left in the ignition switch, passenger compartment, or the vehicle doors. 
  • 2.8. Upon request of the Owner, the Customer will notify him/her about location of the vehicle. 

3. The Customer's obligations in the case of technical failure of the vehicle, RTA or damage 

  • 3.1. The Customer will immediately notify the Owner in writing with regard to any kind of technical failure of the vehicle. 
  • 3.2. If an accident or failure is the result of unauthorized or non-careful use of the vehicle, the Customer will be liable for any charges related to the vehicle damage, including payment of the vehicle rent fee for the number of days of its downtime required for repair in accordance with the existing prices as specified in the price list. 
  • 3.3. The Owner will be liable for any delays, direct or indirect losses as a result of the technical failure of the vehicle.
  • 3.4. In the case of failure of the vehicle of any accident (as well as theft, theft effort or an act of vandalism), the Customer will be obliged:
    • immediately to call for the RTP representatives; to get a copy of protocol with the detailed list of the property damaged; to write down the names of witnesses; to notify the Owner in writing in this regard within 24 hours; to provide the Owner with all documents required within 10 days to get the insurance fee from an insurance company. 

4. The Customer's responsibility

  • 4.1. The Customer will independently liable for all claims and  demands based on the non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
  • 4.2. During the term from receipt of the vehicle for rent until its delivery to the Owner, the Customer will be the owner of the rented vehicle and be liable before third persons for damage caused by the high danger source in accordance with the existing legislation of Azerbaijan Republic. 

5. The Owner's responsibility 

  • 5.1. Upon reveal of unsuitability of the vehicle for operation the Owner will replace it at its own discretion and be obliged to provide a vehicle with the characteristics similar to those of the rented one. 
  • 5.2. The Owner will not be liable for losses caused as a result of the vehicle failure and defects occurred beyond the Owner's fault. 
  • 5.3. The Owner will not be liable for damage caused to personal items transported in the same vehicle and being the property of the Customer or any third person. 
  • 5.4. The Owner will be entitled to terminate this Agreement in advance and to require immediate return of the vehicle in the case if the Customer doesn't comply with any terms and conditions of the Agreement, as well as in the case if the   Customer provide any incorrect information upon execution of the Agreement. In this case the Customer will be obliged to return the vehicle to the Owner immediately upon receipt of the Owner's notification regarding termination of the Agreement. 

6. The Customer's obligations on returning the vehicle 

  • 6.1. The Customer will be obliged to return the vehicle clean, having a fuel capacity of no less than at the beginning of the rent term, in perfect working condition at the place and date as specified in the Agreement, with all accessories and a full set of documents provided by the Owner. The Customer will not be entitled in any way to keep the vehicle. 
  • 6.2. The return of the vehicle to the Owner will be confirmed by the signing of bilateral report on return of the vehicle. 
  • 6.3. In case of default by the Customer to return the vehicle in the period specified in the Agreement, the Owner will be entitled  to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic with a statement about the theft of the vehicle.
  • 6.4. Upon extending the vehicle rent term the parties will make a new rent agreement. The request to execution of a new rent agreement with regard to the same vehicle will be delivered to the Owner in writing no later than 3 days prior to the expiration of the current agreement. 

7. Payment

  • 7.1. The Owner's service fee will be paid in accordance with the Owner's rates as specified in the Agreement. The payment will be done in manat, according to the exchange rate established by the AR Central Bank on the date of payment. 
  • 7.2. In the case of late return of the vehicle the Customer will pay to the Owner in addition to the rent fee the delay fine calculated in accordance with the Agreement. The late return will be delay in return of the vehicle for term over 2  hours. 

8. Final provisions 

  • 8.1. The expiry of the Agreement will result in termination of the parties' obligations hereunder, but it will not release from any liability for its breach, if such took place during the rent term. 
  • 8.2. All disputes and disagreements arisen under or with regard to this Agreement will be solved through negotiations between the parties as far as possible. 
  • 8.3. If solution of any matters in the course of negotiations is impossible all disputes  will be solved in the manner as stipulated by Baku arbitration court in accordance with the existing legislation.