Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are there any advertisements and advertising stickers on the machines of your company?

On cars of our company there are no advertising stickers. 

Can I get a car without prior order on the day of approach?

Yes, on the day of approach, you can choose a car from those that are currently available in our park. But we recommend, for your convenience, to book a car in advance, in this case we can provide you with a car you chosed and faster processing of documents. Call now and find out about the availability of cars.

How much petrol is in the rental car? How much should it be on delivery?

Its volume is fixed in the act of car handover. You should return with the same amount, or pay extra for a shortage. Near our office you are able to find petrol station.

What is the minimum rental period for a car provided by your company?

The minimum rental period of a car in our company is 2 days (48 hours). If you want to take a car for a shorter period, please, but we will take payment for 2 days.

Do you provide long-term car rental services?

Automile company provides long-term car rental service. Tariffs for renting a car you can see in the section Tariffs. In case of rent for more than a month, we form individual tariffs, depending on the needs of the client. Call us and you will get the most convenient and profitable conditions for long-term car rent.

I have only an international driving license issued in another country. Can I rent a car in your company?

Yes of course, you can rent a car in our company and drive car throughout the territory of Azerbaijan.

Who pays for the repair of a rented car if I got into an accident?

The cars of the company Automile are insured for 100%. In the event of damage, you must perform all actions (call insurance, traffic police, and us) associated with the accident. If you are in an accident for hire, we always help you in a stressful situation. Also we will offer you a replacement car of the same class if the culprit of the accident is not you.

In what form do I have to return the rental car?

The car you rent should be returned clean. For the convenience of our customers, we offer car washing services on the territory of our auto-technical center. A rental car gives out a fully equipped first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a spare, etc., all of this is fixed in the act of acceptance of the car. The car is returned in the same way, according to the act, in the complete set, which was issued to the client.

Do I have to come to your office, or can I do it where I feel more comfortable?

You can rent it wherever you want, in our offices or anywhere in Azerbaijan. Transfer of a rental car outside the office is at an additional cost. The place and time of renting a car must be discussed with the manager of the company Automile in advance.

Is it possible to install child seats by your company?

If you want to install children's seats, tell our manager in advance. When you arrive to pick up the car, it will be equipped with a child seat.

Do you provide rental cars for people under the age of 23?

We provide cars for rent from the age of 23 and with experince driving at least for 2 years. 

I would like to rent car with friend of mine. Is this possible?

Yes, of course. In order to rent a car with additional driver, it is necessary to add a second driver to the car rental contract and write out two attorneys, for you and your friend.

What should I do if a rental car has a malfunction or it break completely?

We care about our customers, so wherever you are, the technical assistance service quickly solve any issue that you can not handle on your own, whether it's a car accident or problem.

Where can I drive rental cars?

You have the right to drive only in Azerbaijan territory.

What happens if I take a car in your company, and it's stolen?

All Automile cars are insured against theft. If you are not guilty, call the police, fix the fact of the theft and do not forget to call us. We are likely to find the car in hot pursuit, otherwise we will get a refund from the insurance company. Do not forget that in case of hijacking a rental car, you must return us the keys and documents of the car! If this does not happen, the insurance company will refuse compensation and you will have to compensate for the damage. 

How often do you update the car park?

In the company Automile there is a planned update of the park.

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How to rent

Enjoy of simple and fast rental car reservation via our website. Choose the appropriate class of rental car, be informed with the prices, look at cars' pictures, add your comments if necessary and make your order. We will glad if you fill more field. It will help us to prepare your contract and your car more quickly. If you like, you can reach us by e-mail or calling our mobile numbers. We work for 7/24 hours and assist you with great pleasure.

Our advantages

Cheap car hire prices.

We always struggle for making prices lower for rent, but the same time keeping our quality high. You can make easily reservation on cars in Baku you wish via our website.

Different type of vehicles

Periodically, we make check-up for all our cars, in order to keep all cars in good condition. Our cars have 100% insurance.

Best customer service

Our employees regularly pass different trainings, improve their knowledge in providing service to our customers. We always do our best

Azerbaijan - Baku Transfer service

Not only rent, we also provide Baku Transfer Service. Whether you need transfer from Airport or any other locations we will happy to assist you. Our employees will glad to help you with your luggage, and answer your questions during your trip.

Azerbaijan Tours

You can make choise from tours described in our website. You are free to choose class of car. If you were not able to find you looking for, we can arrange special tours for you. Just contact with us via form or mail, even you can make call, we will do our best to make your trip happen.

Chauffeur driven rental

You choose only class of car and rest part will be handled by our professional employees with great pleasure. Have a rest during your journey, do your business. Let us to take difficult part of your trip